My .prettierrc.js file

My Prettier config file for Node.js. Place at the root of the project.
module.exports = { arrowParens: 'avoid', bracketSpacing: false, embeddedLanguageFormatting: 'auto', endOfLine: 'lf', htmlWhitespaceSensitivity: 'css', insertPragma: false, jsxBracketSameLine: false, jsxSingleQuote: false, printWidth: 100, proseWrap: 'always', quoteProps: 'as-needed', requirePragma: false, semi: false, singleQuote: true, tabWidth: 2, trailingComma: 'all', useTabs: false, };

You can also check out my VS Code settings, which includes settings for all of VS Code and includes Prettier settings, eg. "prettier.printWidth": 100.